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The Energy Port Zeeland Platform makes it possible to realize collaborations in the Zeeland offshore wind
market. The platform is the place where education professionals, government and business meet each
other off- and online, exchange ideas and jointly set up initiatives around the growing offshore wind
market in Zeeland.
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Why Zeeland?

Zeeland is connected to the sea; it is rightly called 'Land in Sea'.
An important part of its economic activities is directly linked to the water, such as tourism, 
fishery and logistic handlings. It is precisely for the transition to sustainable energy sources
that this combination of land and sea is of great value. Thirty offshore wind farms have already
been built from the North Sea Ports and the region has traditionally had a large number of
offshore-related companies with considerable know-how.


Louise van der Heijden
Louise van der Heijden

Louise van der Heijden | Centre of Expertise Water & Energy : As one of the initiators of the Energy Port Zeeland Platform, we believe it is important to provide the offshore wind sector with human capital. Intensive cooperation with parties affiliated with the Energy Port Zeeland Platform makes it possible to offer education that fits well with market demand.

Experience 2: Erwin Salemink
Experience 2: Erwin Salemink

Erwin Salemink | Impuls Zeeland : The Energy Port Zeeland Platform brings companies together in this young sector. Impulse Zeeland considers it's important that connections are made and that we strengthen each other, to get the most out of the opportunities that this sector offers.

Testimonial 3: Hans Erkelens
Testimonial 3: Hans Erkelens

Hans Erkelens | Province of Zeeland: The province of Zeeland is proud of all the initiatives that have originated from the Platform and is happy to be able to contribute in facilitating these initiatives. It ensures beautiful collaborations, stimulates employment and puts the offshore wind industry in Zeeland in the picture.

Peter Geertse | North Sea Port: North Sea Port is aware of the importance of good cooperation between companies, government and education to reinforce each other integrally. By working together, Zeeland can benefit to the maximum of the developments and opportunities in the offshore wind sector.

Nout Nagtegaal Scalda: Participation in the Energy Port Zeeland Platform gives Scalda possibilities to connect and collaborate with the offshore wind market. By working together we can develop training modules, so that education can seamlessly adapt to the practical needs. At this moment we are already working together with Siemens and Órsted to tighten the training portfolio of Scalda.

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Provincie Zeeland
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North Sea Port
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Centre of Expertise Water & Energy
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